Security Solution

Security Solution

Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems approached us for cost-cutting of the existing Vertibolt, a market segment that had high competition. Our aim was to reintroduce the Vertibolt mechanism to the market with an enhanced feeling of security and a flawless, sturdy timeless design.



This earlier Vertibolt product with a very basic, mechanical and unrefined look is converted into a well-crafted product that pushes the style quotient of a door and enhances that secure and calm feeling.

Our elaborate and in-depth study included the survey of locks used in various homes, parallel products and other products associated with safety, toughness, and longevity. Studies in form were conducted to optimize the size of the knob with a focus on ergonomics, product interaction and effortless operation to ensure a calm and reassuring interaction.

Through our keen understanding of colour, material and finishes, we introduced PU painting into this category for the first time.

Client Godrej | Astro

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