Next Level of Washing

Next Level of Washing

In a semi-automatic washing machine, the washing function and the rinsing/drying functions of the clothes are performed separately in two different tubs. Godrej appliances had approached us to design a new SAWM for them.

The journey of Edge Pro started with in-depth qualitative research pan India for an understanding of the product, user, retail environment and market culture to draw a detailed design brief. Wash cycles with individual users gave as clear insights on the drawbacks of the existing machine and needs of the customers. The market visits helped us to understand the dynamics of the selling environment and the buying cultural of the consumers.

The main reason for the Edge Pro's popularity is its ease of maintenance even in regions with higher water hardness. A semi-automatic washing machine like Edge Pro caters to a wide range of customers who belong to the different socio-economic background. The challenge here was to add value to the machine and fulfilling the aspirations of users at an affordable cost.

The extensive research was followed by an exhaustive analysis to create a comprehensive design brief and brainstorming for ideas and solutions. 

The TPAs addressed the solved all the product interaction and interface issues of the users. The selected TPAs that were implemented later became the list of features for marketing the product.

Design for manufacturing & assembly:

While adding strength to the structure our engineers took care that the different complexly shaped plastic components matched seamlessly while fitting into each other. This was important for achieving a premium outlook in the final product as proposed.

Another important thing in the engineering phase was the assembly of the machine. A complete task analysis of the assembly process was picturized to simplify them and make them more efficient. During this process a special attention for ease the access for after-sales servicing. The Edge Pro SAWM design allowed a hassle-free servicing experience for a technician.

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