Flavour boxes

Flavour boxes

The brief was to create a brand name, logo design and complete package graphics for 16 masalas. We were also engaged to design the logo for the new company, which was formed for this venture. The new company identity was designed along with basic stationery. The concept was to create a brand name which resonates with people in Gujarat and Rajasthan. The package design had to be attention-grabbing given the saturated market of masala brands.

After a number of names, Mota-Ba was suggested by us, which was approved. Mota-ba means Grandmother in Gujarati. Idea was to bring some nostalgia of grandmother’s cooking.

The challenge now was to create a mascot or icon, that is endearing or have a design without a mascot. Mascot gives an opportunity for many visual applications for future communications.

We developed a mascot which was immensely liked by the client as it gives a strong identity to the brand. Next step was to design the graphics. Many routes were explored and presented to the client. The masala packs are generally very colourful, this is the reason we decided to work with a dark background of grinding stone. A visual feel of a mortar and pestle. All the recipes were photographed and styled in-house.

A full range is designed for the 16 masalas.


Client RainMaker | MotaBa

Services Communication Design

Industry FMCG