Evaporative Air Cooler

Evaporative Air Cooler

Halo is an evaporative air cooler designed and engineered for our client BayBreeze who are leading manufacturers of desert coolers based out of Nagpur.

Mr. Breeze, a product range of Baybreeze, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on innovative designs that are user-centric, stylish and eco-friendly, for all domestic and industrial needs across the country. Halo has been the trailblazer product of Mr. Breeze air coolers.

Halo has a unique water level indicator placed at just the right height for easy viewing. Features such as the wire manager and easy access distribution tray allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. The user can easily fill water into the cooler without moving the product and reducing spillage. Halo is easy to use with an easy access control panel and a remote that gives you full command over all the settings.

The design of Halo didn't stop only at designing from the users perspective, we also thought about the serviceability aspect. The idea was to have all the components fixed on a chassis within the housing, this was a simple yet innovative breakthrough. This newly engineered method of assembling and disassembling the components made serviceability and accessibility extremely simple.

Halo is an extremely well-designed product multiple experiments were conducted to analyze its air flow, using various mock-ups and simulations to arrive at the best air duct configuration.

Halo is a combination of performance, style, and convenience. Its clean and minimalist appearance manages to fit into any interior with ease.

Client BayBreeze

Services Industrial Design

Industry Consumer Appliance