The design brief was to create a camper vehicle to support four campers and their necessities. The Freedom Campervan is a multidimensional, independant and self-sufficient, expedition vehicle. I is a perfect antidote to mundane vacations and outings. No matter what your passion, an Overlander's ‘Freedom Campervan’ is your perfect base camp. 

The complete vehicle is a single piece body, made of high-end composite fibreglass material that imparts high impact strength to the body. Freedom is perfect for driving and sheer delight for living in. It has an outstanding tough exterior coupled with luxurious interiors. It is top class quality, right from the body to the fine fabrics and stylish camouflage based colour pallets. The TATA TL is a sports utility truck (SUT), a pick-up truck and an SUV. It is a sturdy 1.2-tonne warhorse with sporty and contemporary features offering good ride and handling. It can carry heavy loads while negotiating the toughest of terrains. It is an ideal vehicle for people with a penchant for adventure.

Client The Overlander | Freedom

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