Security Solution

Security Solution

Duo and Trio Shaft are a cut above the rest with unique new locking innovation for utmost security. Godrej and Futuring worked together to develop this series of new rim locks based on technical innovation.

The prime innovation in Duo and Trio shaft has been the design of  'Combi-Shaft' which is where the latch bolt shaft and the deadbolt shaft move together. Therefore, there is double security when the lock is latched and double security when the deadbolt shaft is engaged. The overall form was developed to visually affirm better security.

While the prototype was being built to validate the mechanism, the details of the product were being designed with respect to ergonomics, ease of use and interaction with the product. The reassuring way they operate also contributes to the aura of robustness around this product.

Client Godrej | Duo and Trio Shaft

Services Industrial Design

Industry Locking and Security