Premium Mortise

Premium Mortise

Arsa is a range of premium mortises inspired by Indian arts and crafts. 

Following a rich study of traditional craft forms like Bidri, Kundan jhadai, Meenakari, Pacchikkari, etc, distinctive motifs were developed which became the identity of Arsa.

The designs draw inspiration from the ornate temples of central and southern India, magnificent pillars of Chettinad mansions and portions of the impressive palaces and forts around the country.


Industrial production was done with the involvement of craftsmen at certain stages. Throughout the process, we tried to retain the original spirit and excellence of the age-old craft of brass forging. By forming brass under very high temperature and pressure we were able to achieve high strength and intricate details. 


The finishes available in Arsa are Antique brass, Antique Copper and special finishes Patina Green, Wrought Iron are made to order, all developed to enhance a wide variety of decors. Exquisite finishes have been carefully selected to lend aesthetic supremacy to the product.


Packaging for the Arsa mortise handles were designed to showcase its exclusivity. High quality, eco-friendly kappa boards were used for packaging. The packaging drew inspiration from traditional jewellery boxes to present this opulent product.

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